Concrete Tables

Concrete Studio’s tables are make from our own bespoke GFRC* concrete mix. The concrete table top is made from a highly refined concrete and finished with a stain-proof polish and sealer (indoors) and a stain and UV resistant sealer (outdoors). This makes them a beautiful and practical piece of furniture to have in your home.

Concrete dining tables are the centrepiece of any room or outdoor area. They have a functional yet minimal design and can complement almost any style interior. Pictured is our popular Moorditj Dining Table: its tripod legs are made from re-purposed hardwood and complement the concrete beautifully. We’ve previously created tables mounted on hairpin legs and metal frames. Your imagination is the only limit, we can create any style of concrete table that you desire.

Polished concrete tables make stunning additions to office spaces: they are a perfect addition to a modern boardroom or even as a concrete coffee table in a reception area. Concrete is a flexible material and can be cast into complex shapes, if you are an architect or designer come and talk to us about your ideas.

*What is GRFC?

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete is made by combining sand, cement and glass fibres. The fibres replace the steel reo usually associated with concrete: without the need for internal steel, pieces can be made much thinner and much lighter. The glass fibres lend a high tensile strength to the concrete and make it more flexible. Without fibres GFRC would not possess this strength and would be more prone to the cracking found in traditional concrete. These properties make it a great choice for furniture and architectural elements.