Frequently Asked Questions

Caring for Concrete

Will food and drink stain the concrete?

Not under normal conditions. We test our benchtops using a variety of different liquids and foods (lemon juice, vinegar, mustard, wine, coffee etc.) and the bench tops show very high to complete protection against these.

We believe the high resistance to acid staining on our products is among the best of any concrete sealer available. To avoid food residue deposits on the concrete we still recommend that your bench top is cleaned after use. Please note we do not supply our sealer to anyone else.

We do not use our stain-proof sealer for outdoor pieces, see section below.

Isn’t concrete very porous?

All of Concrete Studio products are hand-sealed before leaving the workshop using our own specialised hybrid concrete sealer.

The sealer works in two ways:

  • it penetrates the concrete to close the pores
  • then cures to leave a stable micro-thin layer over the surface.

We then apply a finishing process to the sealer so that it is fully effective, while the benchtop still retains that familiar concrete feel and coolness. The result is waterproof and stain-proof concrete.

We do not use our stain-proof sealer for outdoor pieces, see section below.

Can I cut on the concrete?

We recommend against this as it may compromise the sealer. Sharp knives and abrasives are to be avoided.

Can I put hot pans on the concrete?

No. Extremely hot pans may leave a mark or compromise the sealer. We recommend using a pot stand to protect the hand-made concrete surface and reduce the effects of thermal shock on your nice saucepans.

Are your benchtops suitable for outdoor areas?

Yes, we often make bench tops for al-fresco kitchens and barbecue areas. For covered al-fresco kitchens we can use our stain-proof indoor sealer. For exposed pieces we use a waterproofing sealer outdoors which is weather resistant but not stain proof (like our indoor sealer) so take care with the red wine.

Size, Appearance & Weight

What sizes do your bench tops come in?

Our pieces are custom made to order so we can generally make all shapes and sizes up to 3 square metres. We are able to make some larger pieces subject to the design.

What thickness does your concrete come in?

40mm – 60mm – 80mm and 100mm are our standard thicknesses for bench tops and bathroom vanity tops.

We can make thicker pieces or pieces with ‘apron’ edges to give the appearance of extra thickness. Just ask.

What is the colour range?

Our concrete is available in light, mid or dark grey.

Can you colour match or guarantee an exact shade?

We would love to be able to, but small hand mixed batches of concrete always vary slightly from one the next.

Concrete is cured by a chemical process and different factors can affect this like temperature and humidity. Each piece is unique with it’s own variations in tone, this is what gives concrete it’s surprising warmth and beauty.

We cannot guarantee an exact shade or pattern and similar to wood this remains unknown until the piece is polished and sealed.

Will I be able to see the fibres?

No, these fibres are just in the backing mix and do not show through on the finished surface.

Do I need to reinforce my cabinets or floor?

Concrete Studio’s bench tops are similar in weight to engineered or natural stone bench tops, in some cases much lighter. We regularly install concrete bench tops onto DIY or Ikea cabinets with no issues whatsoever. The most important provision is that the cabinets should be installed perfectly level, so there is no twist applied to the bench top once installed.

Concrete Sinks, Basins & Cutouts

Can you make kitchen sinks?

We do not offer cast-in kitchen sinks.

Can you make bathroom sinks?

Yes, we have a full range of bathroom basin designs that can either be moulded into a vanity top or be free-standing.

Our range includes a round bowl basin, oval bowl basin, shallow and deep rectangular basins and a large ramp style basin.

We can also custom make virtually all shapes of basin so let us know if you have a particular design in mind. Please note that custom moulds carry an additional charge.

Can you make floating or wall hung bathroom sinks?

No problem, we have some options for wall hung and floating style bathroom basins. Please get in touch to find out more information about those.

Can you make sink or cooktop cutouts?

Yes, we can make cutouts of practically any size and shape.

Pricing, Delivery & Installation

Is concrete an inexpensive benchtop alternative?

Unfortunately not, the process of designing, mould making, concreting, polishing and sealing all combine to make a very labour intensive and hand crafted process. Pricing starts from $1,050 per square metre + GST and delivery and goes up to $1,800.

I’ve seen the same piece cheaper somewhere else?

Not all concrete is created equal. We are proud of the quality and standard of our concrete. (Ask the fabricator or retailer if you can pour a glass of red wine on it to to test the sealer. You would be welcome to do this with any of our display pieces.)

Do you manufacture in Australia?

Yes, every piece of concrete is made by hand by our team of uniquely skilled craftspeople in Fremantle, Western Australia from start to finish.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we can ship our bench tops and basins virtually anywhere in Australia, however some restrictions apply to interstate orders (see below). We use a sensitive freight company to ensure that our products are correctly handled on their way to you. Contact us for a quote.

Interstate Orders

The maximum bench top size that we deliver interstate is usually 2600mm x 900mm. We cannot ship with cutouts already made, so these will need to be completed on site by your installer. The process is very simple and can be made with a small hand grinder: there is about 20mm thickness of material to cut through and no steel to cut.

Do you install interstate orders?

For larger orders we offer an installation service in all state capital cities; the price varies by city.

For smaller and country orders we usually ship to site and your builder, kitchen fitter or stonemason can install the bench tops: the process is straightforward and instructions are provided.